My Story

I prefer telling my stories in the form of photos or video. But, when you have an ‘About’ page on your website, you are a little bit obligated to tell something about yourself, so here we go.

My enthusiasm for photography had been fueled by my father, a photographer himself. As a true nineties kid I grew up with social media. My first photography assignments were social media related; I started making photo’s for entrepreneurs and friends who needed photo’s for their website or social media. After buying my first GoPro I started getting interested in videography as well. I soon started to combine photography and videography.

In 2017 i started my YouTube channel called Niels Kemp Creative. Here I make video’s about photography with the aim to inspire, motivate and enthuse others. Feel free to take a look and while you are there, don’t forget to subscribe!

Although i like most types of photography, Street Photography is my absolute passion. The special thing about street photography is that is seems easy, but at the same time it is very difficult to find the right composition at the right moment, with the right settings. You never stop developing the skills to make a really good photo, and you keep learning new things. This is something that keeps me very interested in this type of photography.

When i was looking for a good street photography camera, I have tested several cameras. Eventually I decided the Ricoh GR II was the right camera for me. Love at first sight. The GR II is my everyday camera and it plays a pretty big role in my YouTube videos. Because of this the people of Ricoh reached out to me and asked if I wanted to become a GR ambassador, and of course I said yes!  

In addition to spreading my stories and knowledge about photography trough my YouTube channel, I give workshops, presentations and trainings about photography. Follow me on social media to keep up with the latest things!